Annual Report  

Murray Head Start

2011-2012 Annual Report

Carol Elder, Director

208 South 13th Street, Murray, KY  42071

Phone:  (270) 753-6031


A message from the Director . . .

     Murray Head Start has completed its 44th year of providing high quality comprehensive services to children and families across the program’s eight-county service area in West Kentucky.  Through valued partnerships with eleven school districts, two universities, and a not-for profit child development center, Preschool/Head Start and Early Head Start children were provided services in a successful, blended model during the 2009-2010 program year.


     A total of 1,701 children were served in our blended Preschool/Head Start/Early Head Start program.     Murray Head Start served approximately 48% of the Head Start eligible children in our service area.  Early Head Start served approximately 6% of the eligible birth to three children in our service area.

Head Start children served:  541*

(469 Head Start and 72 WKU)

Early Head Start children served:  145*

     The average monthly enrollment was 100% for Head Start, WKU and Early Head Start.

*exceeds maximum enrollment due to withdrawals        

Family Services

     The Family Partnership agreement process was completed with 99% of our families this school year, setting family goals and working towards meeting those goals. Ninety-nine

percent of families received some type of family service such as job training, assistance with adult education programs, substance abuse referrals, parenting education and health education services. Crisis intervention services were provided by our Family Service staff to 38% of our enrolled families.

     Family self-sufficiency levels from the beginning of the year to the end of the year were measured using a Family Functioning guide. Self sufficiency levels stayed the same for 75% of the families, increased by one level for 17% of families, but unfortunately decreased by one level for 7% of families due to loss of jobs, homelessness and bankruptcy.

 Current Economic Conditions

    In May 2010, the unemployment rate for the state of Kentucky was 10%, compared to the 9.5% rate in our service area. June 2010 data indicates Kentucky gained 6,200 jobs, mostly in manufacturing, construction and education and health services.

Program Funding

Program Income:

               Federal                                                Non-Federal

               3,066,092              Head Start                      766,523

               1,489,406        Early Head Start                  372,352

                  366,290    WKU Head Start Delegate         91,573

                      8,049          Reading is Fundamental               2,683

               4,929,837              Sub Totals                    1,233,131

Total funding for 2009-2010:  $6,162,968

Program Expenditures:

Head Start:  $3,066,092

                Personnel               $1,722,393

                Fringe                         656,450

                Travel                              4,000

                Supplies                      109,426

                Contractual                 58,212

                Other                        264,536

Early Head Start:  $1,489,406

            Personnel                    785,696

                Fringe                       365,543

                Travel                            1,500

                Supplies                       37,386

                Contractual               201,332

                Other                            97,949

WKU Head Start Delegate:  $366,290

                Personnel                      247,835

                Fringe                            87,916

                Travel                                  550

                Supplies                         10,371

                Contractual                         652

                Other                             18,966

     The most recent financial audit was for the year ending June 30, 2009 and there were no findings. The latest triennial review (monitoring visit) was March 14-19, 2010. During the on-site review, one finding was identified and corrected before the review ended. Accordingly, no corrective action was required, and the Head Start and Early Head Start programs were in full compliance with applicable Head Start Program Performance Standards, laws, regulations, and policy requirements.

Parent Involvement

Our multi-faceted approach to parent involvement includes promoting the parent as the child’s first and most important teacher, as a partner in the classroom, and as a leader and decision maker for the program.

The Parent Involvement Advisory Committee (PIAC), made up of parents and staff, formed four sub-committees to work on issues identified by a steering committee.  They met independently to work on their projects which included creating a curriculum brochure, a universal volunteer training packet, a mental health training packet, and internet training options for parents. 

Parent training for the year included a variety of topics.  Parents attended training sessions, completed training packets, and read newsletter articles in order to gain new information. 

Onsite training opportunities included topics such as Social Skills Development, Reducing Stress, Nutrition for Preschoolers, Every day Budgeting, Using Coupons, and Positive Parenting.

Preparing Children for Kindergarten and School Success

     All children are assessed using the Creative Curriculum Developmental Continuum. Staff observe children in their natural environment and document their progress on develop-mental milestones three or four times per year.

     By spring, 62% of infants and toddlers scored in the highest two levels of development in each of the four developmental areas (social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language development).

     By spring, 71% of all preschoolers scored in the two highest levels of development in each of the eight domains of learning (language, literacy, math, science, creative arts, social/emotional development, approaches to learning, and physical health). 

     Murray Head Start works with parents as well as children to ensure that successful transitions between programs occur. Parents receive information and training designed to assist them in advocating for their children in school. In addition, children participate in visits to the receiving classroom several times during the spring semester, and when possible, both meet the teacher who they will have in primary school or Head Start.

Health Services

     Assessment of the current health status, as well as screening for any developmental issues, enables individualized planning for each child to ensure success.

     Ninety-nine percent of our children received medical services and 100% of our children received dental services.